Tim Stewart

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Tim Stewart

Commercial Property Manager

Tim is a relatively recent addition to the Fremantle Property Service team joining at the start of 2021. With a pragmatic and diverse skillset Tim is a Property Manager driven to get results through his ability to concisely communicate and his helpful demeanour. 

Having a hands-on and matter of fact approach and industry knowledge to his site inspection, maintenance and repairs comes directly from his many years of experience and of being a qualified electrician. His time in trade has given Tim valuable insight from the perspective of commercial tenants through his professional dealing with commercial developers and building sites.  

Tim's long term passion for football and fishing is mirrored by his passionate approach to commercial property and development, propelling his no nonsense worth ethic to get highly competent results for his clients. Dealing with his tenant and landlord relationships in a rational and practical way, Tim’s communicative ability helps him to navigate interactions in a seamless manner.

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