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Successfully managing several hundred tenancies across Perth, from small single properties to multi-million dollar commercial centres, shopping malls and industrial estates, Fremantle Property Services have the expertise and experience to maximise results and capitalise to achieve lucrative long term outcomes.

Over the past three decades, our highly experienced commercial specialists have assembled one of the largest property portfolios in WA. Together the Fremantle Property Services team have a wealth of experience that excels our ability to provide a superior service to clients.



Our specialist Property Management team work closely with owners to develop, implement and manage their real estate strategies to achieve complex business and financial needs.  We understand the exclusive requirements our commercial clients demand and place their interests as paramount importance.

Clients continue to prefer the experienced, professional and friendly service we provide. Here are a few reasons why:

  • We help to build strong landlord and tenant relationships, maximise your property’s potential and ensure your investment adheres with all lease and statutory requirements.
  • We protect your assets using the latest resources and technology.
  • We manage a diverse portfolio of commercial and retail property across multiple areas in Perth. This makes us one of the leading property management agencies in the Perth region.
  • With two equity directors overseeing our Property Management division, Fremantle Property Services offers a reliable and stable management across a range of portfolios, including CBD and suburban offices, showrooms, shopping centres & strip shopping localities and industrial properties.
  • Working in commercial real estate for over 30 years, we know the local market, are at the forefront of industry developments and can supply the knowledgeable advice you need to maintain your capital investment.
  • Our directors own the business and passionately still work with clients in every area giving you direct access to one of WA’s most senior management partnerships; a team that knows the importance of responsive, efficient and timely service.
  • Our Property Managers are equipped with the depth of experience to pre-empt issues and respond with effective solutions; managing your interests with open access to senior advice if required.
  • We provide a seamless, integrated service with referrals to other divisions, including investment sales, leasing and valuation services.



 The management of commercial property requires specialised skills and is subject to a different legal and regulatory environment from residential property. Our managers are at the forefront of the latest market data and industry training allowing them to provide the absolute highest level of services. Responsible for managing our clients biggest property assets, our Property Managers offer the following services:

  • Supervise property maintenance, working closely with strata managers (where necessary), developers and tradesmen to maintain properties and enhance value
  • Collect rent and outgoings and disburse this to owners the day the funds are available. Some property managers disburse funds only once a month
  • Conduct annual rent reviews and reconcile outgoings budgets
  • Conduct negotiations for lease extensions
  • Pay outgoings on behalf of owners including strata levies, water and council rates
  • Inspect properties at beginning, during and at the end of lease the lease term and compile and distribute reports to owners
  • Conducting regular meetings with the Lessee to reinforcing a positive Lessor/Lessee relationship
  • Assisting the client with ensuring that the Lessee’s fit out and all building works (both Lessor and Lessee) are completed on time
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual financial reporting to owners assisting them with financial performance assessment and tax compliance
  • Facilities management – ensuring your building operates as efficiently as possible
  • Broader business objectives including assessing, implementing and managing sustainability policies, undertaking critical task management, and outlining and overseeing refurbishment projects

Environmental sustainability – we can help you reduce your property’s impact on the environment, ensure the building is used in the most productive way, reducing operational costs.



The team at Fremantle Property Services realise every client has different requirements; we understand clients prefer to outsource tasks they don’t have time for or simply don’t enjoy doing. A common service we offer is property financial management which is basically taking care of the paperwork for clients relating to their commercial property.

Engaging our team for this service allows you to remain involved with the management of your property while we conduct all administrative functions.

Investors can continue:

  • Organising property inspections
  • Conducting property inspections
  • Arranging repairs and maintenance
  • Collect rent
  • Pay invoices
  • Monitor GST
  • Produce tenant statements
  • Produce financial reports

It is important to note that under most commercial leases our fees are recoverable from the tenant/s. You may even be able to take advantage of our service at no cost to you. We also take pride in customising our services and individually packaging tailored solutions for clients.

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